Setting up Dell’s w/Vista Ultimate

I’ve been both looking forward to, and dreading, getting to set up a batch of new Dell quadcores with Vista Ultimate here at work.

I’m excited to ‘play’ with newer technology and so far liking Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.

I’m also a little anxious about what this change in UI’s is going to do to our staff and the amount of hours that will be spent walking each individual through whatever process(es) that they can’t wrap their heads around in switching from XP to Vista.

Why Vista Ultmate you wonder? Why spend the extra all that is needed is the Business edition in order to join a domain?

Well, for one thing, the price was right…NO EXTRA CHARGE for the last four or five systems that I’ve purchased. Another is that the extra ‘eye candy,’ like Dreamscape motion backgrounds, will hopefully keep the users from getting too bored with their background, discouraging the need to download some ‘free screensaver’ that comes with more than they bargained for (spyware/spam/trojans/etc) and causes nothing but headaches for the IT department.

Then there’s this GEM I discovered the other day that I’m really happy about…Ultimate comes with a disc IMAGING module that will make restoring any system with Ultimate a snap! Ten minutes after initial set up a computer, you can have a pristine image of that system, stored and ready to restore for whatever reason might crop up…more on this in the next post.



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