Windows Complete PC Backup – Part II


Well, actually I was ‘done’ with the image restoration awhile ago…took less than 30 minutes to both image and then restore; adding 5 or 6 minutes to unpack the other system and set up ontop of the other system (phyically stacked them and used the monitor from the first system and the new bluetooth KB&M for the newer Dell)

So far the only hiccup — that I presumed was likely to happen — was that when I changed the name of the new system, I had to plug the network cable in so it could authorize my actions as a system administrator on the domain…and that instantly changed the original system in ADS to the new name. So now I’m going back in to rejoin the first system…stand by.

Ok, Active Directory recognized the change and I now have BOTH computers, with distinct names, in service! The next hurdle I’m concerned about is the licensing on each unit…but I’m hoping that these being OEM units from Dell will cover that (same license # for all).

Right now I’m pretty stoked about the three or four hours I just banked on this one project!

I’ll write more on this later, after both of these systems have been running simultaneously on the domain/network for at least a week and let you know what, if any, quirks or problems I run into.


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