Windows Photo Gallery: Organizing and tagging photos in Windows Vista

Yesterday, June 16th, we began our VBS week (called “Summer Spectacular“) here at Southwest and with over 900 kids in attendance the first day!

My job this year is to off load pictures from the various photographers memory cards to our storage drive, sort, name and tag them, then move them to be uploaded to an online service where others can view, print or purchase without any stress on our network.

The tools of the day: Windows Photo Gallery, included with Windows Vista Home Premium and up (I’m using Ultimate edition), a sizable chunk of space on our NAS (for temporary storage/to upload from) and SmugMug as our online host.

As soon as one of the camera cards (Compact Flash, SD, etc) is inserted into the card reader, Vista pops up a nice list of options with which to handle the information on the cards; I’m using “Import Pictures” and it’s at this point an option to name/tag the photo in bulk appears, as well as an option to “erase” the photos from the camera card. The it auto opens the photos in Windows Photo Gallery.

From there I can TAG each picture with as many metatags (friends, 1st grade, twins, etc) for easy sorting later and move them into the upload folder where they are placed, presorted and organized, onto SmugMug for kids and parents to view, download, print, etc.

While I’m sure you can purchase a number of applications to do this very same thing you can do for free with Windows; there’s always the popular free and/or online services like Google’s Picasa 2, Flickr, Photobucket and more to choose from.

More on editiing photos and making slideshows and DVD’s with included Windows programs to follow in later posts.


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