A quiet Friday afternoon at work

I love Fridays at work.

Most of the staff here at Southwest work weekends and even six days a week; but Friday is the universal “Day off” around here…just me, a couple of facilities people, the receptionist, the occassional staffer popping in to get something or catch up on something…

In other words, it’s a great day to get caught up on paperwork, email, continual education, move a project a couple of steps closer to completion, stuff like that.

Today I took care of a dozen “loose ends” in the Helpdesk workload (read: smoldering fires), got most of the way through my 200 unread email from this week (ok, so I’ve got 68 still in there…they’re all ‘newsletters/news feeds’ that I skim for gems anyway; right click + delete…done!) and set up several projects for next week.

All in all, a good day…not a GREAT day, like I usually have, ‘cuz my buddy, and boss, went in for knee surgery this monring and it’s just not the same without him to bounce ideas off of, share a cup of coffee, plan the next step of whatever with. (I know you’ll be fine bro…but I miss ya already!)

**Sigh!** — Time to go home already! Have a great weekend all!



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