IT – Life in the Fast Lane

It really is incredible how quickly time blazes by in a typical work day.

I’m sure it was just barely Friday morning when I got out of bed this morning; I was a bit shocked to see it’s past noon on WEDNESDAY already!

Looking over our Helpdesk requests I can see why…nearly 30 requests in three days in the “I need help NOW!” category; that’s more than one hit an hour for one person to troubleshoot, research, repair and document the work. And actually, put like that, it seems like a fairly nice even workload. Unfortunately, the reality of things is that on Monday, when much of the staff is on one of their only days off (1/3rd + off on Mondays; 4/5th‘s off Fridays) was fairly ‘quiet’ and the day was spent checking out weekend issues and email from the previous three days.

Then came Tuesday.

15 calls from 8am to 5pm; all of them fairly urgent from directors and above. (People moving in their offices, new hires starting NOW, mostly “I waited until the last second to tell you about this, and now I NEED it NOW…” calls. And look…it’s really 2.5 days since it’s lunch time (which usually comes and goes for me and the IT staff; we nibble and zip off to the next ‘fire,’ rarely TAKING a lunch time.) And here is where I need to be careful, and understood…I’m not complaining about any of this; just noting it.

I have been offered jobs in my skill set that pay two to four times what I make now; much better benefits, time off, etc…but I love what I do here. And God brought me here from a $75k / yr job so that I could be of USE to Him and His ministry here at Southwest…cuz I sure wasn’t making this kind of impact for Christ before. And THAT is worth more than a higher salary any day.

Back to the topic at hand…and a word from a wise guy…I MEAN someone who has some wisdom to share LOL.

Tony Dye posted today about “Saying ‘No'” in the midst of the craziness of a construction project at Perimeter Church and I’ll have to agree with him that sometimes it’s hard to let one thing go in order to do a better thing; but we all need to take a step back, look to our Father for His ‘task list’ for us, and work on that.

There’s always enough time to do the Father’s business if we’re looking to His timeclock and not our own; I just wish I could remember to punch the RIGHT timeclock more often! J


2 Responses to IT – Life in the Fast Lane

  1. Waco Muse says:

    I agree with the spirit of Tony Die’s original post, and I’m not invalidating the importance of doing the best with the time you have.

    But, as for saying “no”

    Good or bad; my default answer is ‘yes’ – at least some form of yes. I see my role as helping people understand what they need, rather than what they want, or think they need. It’s my job to know more about technology than they do; but it’s not my job to know more about ministry than they do. When they come to me it’s because they have a ministry hurdle – they are looking for a way over the hurdle. If I say “no, I won’t help you over the hurdle, find your own way…” then I’ve failed.

  2. Waco Muse says:

    Oops… It’s Dye – not Die


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