August Rainstorm – Vacation Day 1

This is amazing! I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder in the desert…in August!

I grabbed my laptop and camera and snapped a few shots of this unusual event as it just doesn’t rain much EVER in the desert, let alone in August! (Although some of the worst flooding in the deserts history has occurred in the summer months)

The sky is partly clear, partly beautiful blue and part ominously gray. And the temperature is nearly 100 degrees to boot!


And I think the pools already raised an inch in a very short, but furious, downpour!


There’s a lone bird, that struggled against the sudden wind, which landed on the power lines behind my house…lines and poles that are normally filled with pigeons and doves, but are strangely void of movement, except this small sparrow, that is now hanging on for dear life!

And while I can’t SEE any lightening, the thunderous booms echoing in the sky tell of its appearances.

Wow! What a way to start my first day of vacation…guess mowing is out of the question for now, heh.

I wonder what this sudden and violent downpour will do to the lodge in Big Bear that we are heading to tomorrow morning?

Lord, thank You for the rain – we really need it – and thank You for reminding me what an awesome Presence you can manifest in our tiny little chunk of the world!


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