Online Vehicle Registration Renewal: If only EVERYTHING at the DMV was this easy!

Techies and internet shoppers will love how easy it is to renew your vehicle registration online…at least with the California Department of Motor Vehicles!

Even if you need to get a smog check done before you can register, it’s still a breeze, as the smog check station electronically relays the results to the DMV immediately upon successful completion of the process.

Step 1: Enter vehicle or vessel/boat information – So once you’ve determined whether or not you need a smog check (and done so if applicable), just check your renewal notice for instructions on how to register online…it’s literally three steps from being a done deal at that point!

Enter the “Renewal Identification Number” printed on your notice into the allotted box, enter your license plate number (on the notice too) in its box and click ‘Ok.’

Step 2: Record Verification and Payment Information – Once you confirm the info about you and your car, enter your payment method (I punched in my ATM number) and hit ‘Enter.’

Step 3: Transaction ConfirmationThe third and final step is the confirmation/receipt…print it, click “Finished” and you are done!

“CONGRATULATIONS! – Your online registration renewal was successful! The Registration Card and Year Sticker will be mailed to you within 5 business days. The information from your transaction will update on the vehicle registration record after settlement of the daily transactions. This usually occurs during the next business day.”

Have a nice day…I know I am going to enjoy the two to four hours I just saved; heck, even had time to blog about this! J


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